1. PAID FiveM Nopixel 3.5 Clone Server Qbcore

    Step into the gaming revolution with Nopixel, a new and updated QBCore server for Fivem! 💻 Immerse yourself in cutting-edge features, conquer the virtual landscape, and experience lag-free gameplay. 🌐 Secure your spot in the future of online gaming—level up your adventure with Nopixel's latest...
  2. ens.

    PAID [QBCore] NoPixel 3.5 Inspired Paintball V2

    For Purchase: TEBEX ETH-PAINTBALLV2 is a unique script that allows you to offer a playful and competitive paintball experience on your FiveM server. It brings players together by providing them with a colorful and exciting battle atmosphere. With its detailed and fun features, it will take your...
  3. ValeTMHD

    ServerFile NcHub V5

  4. FDevelopment

    PAID 🔥🔥Selling Nopixel 3.5 server running on NP-Framework 🔥🔥

    Where can i buy this? Join my discord and make a ticket Where are the previews? All previews are inside my discord server Discord invite link: Join the FDevelopment Discord Server! All features are from NP 3.5: - Spawn selecter - Character customization - MLO's / YMAPS - Tunershop - PDM -...
  5. nkowashere

    Inventory [FREE] QB-Inventory | NP Inspired

    Hi all, after the recent QBCore updates I have decided to share a nice inventory. It was done with js and css editing in just 5-6 hours. I added durability to all items in the inventory, but I did this by js. 40-50% chance of not working properly. In a few days, I will bring the durability talk...
  6. loleris

    Script [Divine RP / Source Code] - Full server files

    Hello! We are providing Divine RP full server files for $75. Below are images with scripts that are provided within the server. Interested? Join the Discord for more information :) Join the FiveM leaks Discord Server! - vanity Join the FiveM leaks Discord Server! - permanent invite link.
  7. ValeTMHD

    Inventory ESX | Nopixel Inventory 3.0 / 3.5

    I found it and I decided to share it with you Preview: 3.0 3.5 Download: https://www.mediafire.com/file/y3wfs8fak0tcp3m/NoPixel_Inventory_Latest.rar/file
  8. Dojwun

    Inventory [FREE] - [SCRIPT] - Qb-inventory NoPixel 3.5 Re-skin

    Re-skin of NoPixel's newest inventory for qbus [Download] GitHub - dojwun/qb-inventory: All Credits to go to the original qbcore-framework repository [Preview]