1. almez

    Script FIND ITEMS WITH THE SAME SERIAL NUMBER [almez-dupealert]

    NOTE: The working logic of this script is not 100% secure, so it is recommended that you check the incoming serial numbers in HeidiSQL from the filter section at the top right and do the necessary operation after that. NOTE 2: The current version of the script is set according to the database of...
  2. MasterVail0


    Preview: Click Here Download: *** Hidden text: You do not have sufficient rights to view the hidden text. Visit the forum thread! ***
  3. almez

    [QBCore] almez-banking

    Compatible with QBCore! Low MS! Plug & Play! Open source. Easily convertible to ESX! Preview: almez-banking | Preview For Buy: Tebex Link - 20$ + Tax
  4. almez


    Hi guys, i want to share my old phone almez-phonev2, if you want to buy v3 you can buy in Note: i didnt add virus total bcz i shared in github Discord: almez#9087 Preview: Link Download: ESX - QBUS After executing SQL add twitter_tweets a empty line if phone not working
  5. almez

    Inventory Almez's Meta-Data Clothes Inventory [ESX]

    Download: Click VirusTotal: VT Preview: