1. Trap Store

    Advertisement TRAP STORE (Clothes, Chains, Cars, Animation pack & Clothes packs)

    We have almoust all new clothes from famous creators on Patreon Best stuff for best prices Join us Click me to join 🔥BEST CLOTHING SHOP🔥 Trap Store | GTA V PATREON MODS ─────── |● GTA V SP & FiveM Mods |● Accesories |● Animations |● Props |● Guns |● Cars |● Giveaways |●...
  2. Editorjoshb

    PAID Fivem 6 Custom Drill Dance Animations By Joshb179

    Preview : Buy :
  3. SNR

    PAID [DISCOUNT] 🥵 Animation Position Script [All Framework (Standalone)]

    A script where you can position the animations as you want! Features; Its working all frameworks (Standalone) You can make all the settings from Config! Distance limit and fully bug fix! When not in use 0.00 Resmon # Updated to version 1.1 - Infinity sync optimization has been performed...
  4. Moris54


    PRICE: 7 euro **UPDATE 1:** Players can now interact with any chair or table they desire. Sitting in tight spaces is possible, and this feature offers no unfair advantage. There's no ability to clip through walls, and the code does not contain any noclip function. Measures have been taken to...
  5. requestrip

    PAID [PAID] r_animations - Most complete and advanced animation menu.

    Docs Features Walk Styles and Face Expressions saving after relogging. Possibility to one time animation play or in loop mode. Favourite animations saving: List with favourite animations. Possibility to set 6 different sets of favorite animations (5 animations in each set), which can be...
  6. z4ue

    Script Glizzy animations [FREE]

    *** Hidden text: You do not have sufficient rights to view the hidden text. Visit the forum thread! ***
  7. skod

    Script james_weaponshop Weapon Store script (with animations!) [RARE]

    I've found this cool weapon store script and i wanted to share it with you ;) You can see a 3D view of the wepaon and then the seller make the animation giving it to you! SICK! PREVIEW: DOWNLOAD: james_weaponshop_1
  8. requestrip

    [ESX] [QBCORE] Advanced Animation Menu V2, 700+ Animations, Shared Animations, Walking Styles, Facial Expressions

    RD ANIMATIONS V2 Hello guys! We hereby present our custom and advanced animation menu resource for your roleplay server with unique and amazing features to diversify your roleplay. Features Walk Styles and Face Expressions saving after relogging. Possibility to one time animation play or in...