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  1. NiaouBreGatoula

    PAID Pegasus Anticheat - Most Powerful and Affordable FiveM Anticheat | [FREE LIFETIME GIVEAWAY] !

    The Pegasus Project - Join our Discord Introducing the Most Powerful and Affordable FiveM Anticheat | Secure Your Server Today ! About Us - PegasusAC History The inception of Pegasus Anticheat originated from a simple yet compelling idea: crafting a script that could discern players...
  2. ylean

    PAID [PAID] Artificial Intelligence Powered Anticheat

    Stand out in the world of FiveM with our revolutionary anticheat system! We offer more than just standard protections. Our anticheat is based on an advanced neural network that analyzes player screenshots, detecting any attempts at cheating. We don’t just protect against lua cheat menus - our...