bag script

  1. Modiz

    PAID Ox_Inventory Clothing and Bag System Addon (Redesign/Upgrade)

    ❗❗❗ I'M THE CREATOR OF THIS SCRIPT. DON'T BUY FROM ANY OTHER SOURCES! ❗❗❗ Why? Because sometimes you need support for installation or adjustments, and I'm the only one who can provide it. 🚨 If you're interested, you can also order a custom inventory! (Contact me on the discord mentioned below.)...
  2. Request Delete

  3. ARaros

    Script BAG SCRIPT

    Hello everyone VAG Users, What you need to do first: You should give information to the bag in qb-shops or the market script you use. For example, the code I mentioned above. In addition, if you want to print text on the item info, in the inventory; GOOD USES... *** Hidden text: You do not...