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best anticheat

  1. Mike67672martini

    Request is looking for a gabz-resource aerodefense unlock

    People who are able to decrypt MLO/mapping or same resource please contact me via Discord Mesrine#0666 I ask resources that I would like to unblock -------- https://forum.cfx.re/t/map-rags-riches-v1-4-5-beta-light-featuring-the-mile-high-club/4778991...
  2. PAID fiveShield Best FiveM Anticheat

    Greetings, I'm going to introduce you to the superior anticheat in terms of optimization and quality. Client Side Resmon: 0.01/0.01 Client Side Features: We have a lot of anti bypass We Blocking most popular and advanced Mod Menus Anti Nui Devtools Anti fly cars Tiny entity detections...
  3. MIXASofficial

    10% discount Anti AI Detection | powered by MIXAS AC

    This is blocking FiveM\FiveM.app\citizen\common\data changes. Its free for MIXAS AntiCheat Customers. If u want buy MIXAS AntiCheat --> https://www.discord.gg/invite/mixas If u want buy this with Extra (not mixas customer) Lifetime --> 40€ Discord --> https://www.discord.gg/invite/mixas

    Client Feature: Resmon - 00.01-00.02 Nui Devtools Protect Visual settings protect. Code Injection Tiny Entity Ped Rape Protect Vehicle modifier Weapon Modifier/Ai Detections (Rapid fire , Fire Rate) Spectate ( Anyone who spectate except the authorities will be banned...

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