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  1. robotten

    Script QB-Blackmarket

    A blackmarket script for QBCore that rotates every night dealer appears at night betweem 10pm -5am (can be changed) dealer has alot of locations to spawn he closes after the time set in the config he wont let police see what he has multiple configs for price ped models and much more. runs at...
  2. alphastoner

    PAID [PAID] QB - AF Black Market

    Script Includes 400+ lines of code open source Leveling System to the black market All items are able to be changed in the server and config.lua's Can use black money / item / or regular cash this config is setup for "Bands" rename that to marked bills or just use regular cash up to you...
  3. MrBerk

    Script QBCore Black Market

    Merhaba. Raider'in yapmış oldugu black marketi qbcore için çevirdim iyi kullanımlar.. Hi Guys. For qbcore black market system Download Showcase
  4. marcinhu

    Sales [PAID][QBCORE] - Blackmarket Script

    Hi! Video: Buy: https://marcinhu-scripts.tebex.io/package/4967750 # Information - [First-Step] - You need to go to life invader and hack the system. ( To hack the system need a VPN ) - [Second-Step] - After hacking the system, you need to go to the communications center to turn off all...
  5. ilkaykayin

    Sales Black Market System, CLEAN UI AND Standalone Nokia Phone

    Written using Bootstrap. You can change most things according to you in the config. When a player places an order, he waits for 40 minutes (continues even after exiting the game) and blips to all players. The first person to go to the delivery gets the prize, but the person who ordered should...

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