1. Snappy33x

    Script FiveM Malavita Scripts

    Paar Scripts malavita_fraktion malavita_businesscamper malavita_camper malavita_business malavita_identity
  2. awesomeray

    Script Jim-BurgerShot

    What is this? QBCore based BurgerShot Job script This was made a couple months ago and was intended for private use, there has been many different versions but I think its finally in a proper state to release I am aware there are many versions of the burgershot job, I hope you pick mine <3...
  3. awesomeray

    PAID Ns-McDonald (McDonald Job Script + MLO) With Instructions and support

    Link to Purchase Escrow ($5.99): Link to Purchase Open Source ($14.99): Includes multiple consumable items: Combo meal Big Mac McChicken McRoyal Deluxe CBO Quarter Pounder Chicken Deluxe Big Double...
  4. awesomeray

    PAID Ns-Whitewidow (WhiteWidow Job + MLO) With Instructions, doorlocks and support

    NEW MAJOR UPDATE 1/10/2023 Link to Purchase Escrow ($5.99): 80 Link to Purchase Open Source ($15.99): 46 Includes Four types of weed: White Widow OG-Kush AK47 Skunk Amnesia Purple Haze Gelato Zkittlez Job...
  5. EnvyRP

    Advertisement EnvyRP ‖ Serious Roleplay ‖ Whitelist ‖ Active Police ‖ Active Staff

    So, you’re looking for a place to call home in the RP World? Well look no further than EnvyRP! EnvyRP is an 18+, US Based, Serious RP Server. While we may be a new server, we’re not new to RP. We have assembled a team of experienced roleplayers to help drive EnvyRP to greatness! Here at EnvyRP...
  6. Aidenpryor20

    Advertisement 18+ | Laced Up 2.0 | Hiring EMS, PD, DOJ AND Secret Service! | 150 Custom Cars

    Join our Community Today! Laced Up 2.0 RP is a serious roleplay server that was recently launched and looking for all players to join our city! We have a realistic economy with many thing both legal, illegal, and whitelisted (POLICE, EMS, DOJ, STATE) jobs. Our server has active staff members...
  7. Verazon

    Request QBCore Kaybe Business

    Looking for Kaybe Business resource, would be nice if someone can get it and share. Trying to learn from all these resources, link of the resource purchase is below.
  8. viridcupid50

    Advertisement Experience RP [New City serious roleplay live now]

    Experience RP (fivem PC) is new and live!! we are a serious rp server that runs on the qb-core framework the city runs smooth and stable with a good economy system custom cars with almost realistic speeds you wont have cars going super speed around the city all the time. experience rp has a lot...
  9. Advertisement HeartBreak RP - New Server - Serious RP

    HeartBreak RP is a new server in the FiveM space, We have Hig hopes on this one guys. Serious RP, Cops, EMS, Criminals, Gangs, Custom cars, Businesses etc. Please if you are interested join our discord Join the Heart Break RP Discord Server! we look forward to Roleplaying with you lot! Enjoy.💜
  10. Advertisement (w/PHOTOS) Set Trippin RP | Semi-Serious💯 | Drugs & Gang Turf Wars🧪 | Custom Cars Clothes & Housing💧 | 10+ Whitelisted JOBS✔️| Owned Businesses💘 |

    NEW CITY OPEN Looking for STAFF / Business Owners / & Employees . Make an Application in Discord to get started now! **EVERY 2 DISCORD SERVER BOOST = 1 DONOR CAR** Looking for a good Semi-Serious FiveM RP server? Check out Set Trippin RP! Ability to have 2 jobs and RP during the day , or be...
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  12. Lilibeth

    Script Be a CEO - Business script I ESX I

    ✌️ Hello VAG Forum Family ✌️ Here is the ESX script with language change that you can act as CEO. *** Hidden text: You do not have sufficient rights to view the hidden text. Visit the forum thread! ****** Hidden text: You do not have sufficient rights to view the hidden text. Visit the...