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  1. PAID 🅰️aty_hud_v2 | Advanced Hud | Car Hud | Status | Notification

    Preview Features - Health, armor, hunger, thirst, stamina, oxygen - Notifications with sounds! - Seatbelt, cruise control, nitrous, vehicle health and seatbelt sound effects! - Settings will be saved to database! - Highly configurable - Key bindigs, status etc. - Street name - Voice indicator...
  2. Script [Free] aty_icehud | Black & White Hud | Status and Carhud

    Preview Link https://github.com/atiysuu/aty_icehud Features Health Armor Hunger Thirst Stamina Oxygen Location Speedometer Seatbelt Cruise Control If you're not belted, you'll fly out the window
  3. PAID aty_hud | Advanced Colorful Hud

    Preview ---------------------------- Price and shop ---------------------------- 17.70EUR CFX Forum ---------------------------- Features ---------------------------- - Fully Responsive - Built-in car hud - Built-in nitro - Built-in safety belt - Compatible with salty-chat, pma-voice and...
  4. LocoCoco

    Script I request this HUD

    Hello great world, I am looking for this beautiful Car Hud, if anyone has it I would appreciate it! If you are looking to trade it just talk to me on discord: 𝕋𝕠𝕩𝕚𝕔#9132 https://forum.cfx.re/t/paid-tgiann-car-hud-v2-standalone/2692663
  5. Respown


    Hi i found the codesign car hud but its not working because its need to be cracked and decrypted so if is anyone can do that pls do it BIG REP ITS ASKING TOKEN [VIDEO] [DOWNLOAD] cd_carhud.zip - 336 KB
  6. minirovi1995

    PAID Blvck Hud v1 and v2

    Hi there, I'm selling the Codem BLVCK V1 and V2 HUD [ Fully Decrypted ] [ Open Source ]. To buy : Rovi Shop - Best scripts of FiveM
  7. l1ncln


    Konu kapatıldı.
  8. Vermillion

    HUD The Crew 2 Speedometer

    Features Compatibility Fully functional and compatible with vRPex / vRP / ESX / Qb and Others MP/H or KM/H Display You can choose which unit of measurement is best for you Seatbelt Seat Belt Indicator and also functionality, you can be thrown out of the car if you are without the seat belts...

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