character selector

  1. PabloTheLeaker

    Script Esx_MultiCharacter

    Esx Multicharacter 👥 Enjoy ! 🤩 This day is Multicharacter selector for select your character is logic Have an intuitive ui and simple to use 👌 Standlone & esx 🧩
  2. Skarr02

    Script [FDG] main_charselect

    What is main_charselect? This is a character selection and spawn picker straight from FDG servers. Why main_charselect? First impressions of your server matter, and can easily decide whether a new player chooses to stick around. Leave a mark by introducing them with this beautiful, modern and...
  3. XXPapaeskeXX

    PAID [QBCore] NoPixel Inspired - MultiCharacter

    This is a QBCore Nopixel Inspired, Multicharcter script. This script allows players to select and spawn their different characters, in a clean and simple way. NOT ENCRYPTED Create and choose an apartment Spawn existing character Select all of your different characters Plug N' Play Low...