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  1. GKan

    Script Rare Services Chat
  2. Hirohito

    Guide how to remove standard chat (needs help)

    Hello i'm just starting to try and make/code a FiveM server, i already regret it, i'm a fucking numti when it comes to QB, but I would like some help to remove the Standart, chat/I don't know wtf this is, but i don't like it and it gotta f***** off my screen, so if anyone knows please help, or...
  3. viber

    PAID (FiveM) SA:MP, YBN Inspired Roleplay Chat (chat-theme) [QB][ESX][PAID][OPEN SOURCE]

    !!! THIS TOPIC IS OLD, THUG-CHAT-V2 IS RELEASED !!! Hello guys, I thought while sitting today and decided to make a SA:MP inspired chat theme. I hope you like it. Tebex Link Tebex Link (Open Source) Chat Input Me Do Twitter Advert Live (Weazel News) LSPD Announcement LSMS...