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  2. Psk

    PAID SecurGate | FiveM Anticheat | Instant cheats detections 🛡️

    🚀 Revolutionize Your FiveM Gaming Experience with SecurGate ! Say goodbye to cheaters! Our advanced technologies ensure maximum protection against all types of cheats. 💡 Incredible Features Instant detection of All D3D10.dll cheats Instant detection of Eulen Instant detection of TZ Project...
  3. quantumsrt

    Off Topic Susano Lifetime Account - Exclusive Offer!

    Unlock the power of Susano with this incredible lifetime account, now available for sale! Susano is a versatile and powerful tool designed to enhance your productivity and creativity. However, due to personal reasons, I am parting ways with my Susano lifetime account and offering this exclusive...
  4. Nelziii


    deleted My Discord
  5. Mantje

    PAID FiveM Dump on Request!

    If you want to know places like a weed harvest location you can find it in the files like (esx_drugs, config). To get these locations you need to have a server dump. A dump downloads all the client-sided files and puts it in a folder. Or have you seen a cool building and want to implement it...

  7. KappaAppak

    Anticheat [Anticheat] Tigo Anticheat



    PAPY MENU IS Executor was designed based on suggestions from its users, so it offers the most wanted features. I do not encourage anyone to use this on other servers ( to use at your own services ) Dumper Free Menus Visual Editor Easy To Use Premium Menus (Extra Cost) ScriptHook Bypass...
  9. guguck

    Off Topic faster shooting with pistol

    with this u can shoot faster with the pistol and on some servers u can change weapon damage but be aware some anticheats ban u directly when u change a bit in this script i tried to modify damage got banned after 2 sec in server but its myb cuz i did too much
  10. Lilibeth

    Guide Fivem Tgiann Anti Dump (Protect The Script You Want)

    ✌️ Hello VAG Forum Family✌️ First of all hi, what is dump? How to throw why is it dropped? What is it dropped for? to whom is it thrown? Which server is it sent to? etc. I will pass these questions and give a short summary about the logic of the script and how you should use it, now it is...