cinematic camera fivem

  1. burak.09


    I think I'm good on cinematic in my own way. I want to do better quality and shoot better cinematics in better places. We had short cinematics on different servers before, but now I'm shooting presenter, character, presenter intro, team cinematics. If you want to make videos such as "Personal...
  2. Warraa_

    Loadingscreen Do you need loading screen to your FiveM server?

    Do you need loading screen to your FiveM server? Check out my youtube channel and find one just for you! Also i can make one just for you only and no one else can use it! You can add me on discord if like me to make video just for you! Discord: !Wärrä#3552 Youtube...
  3. Anunaki

    Script NO AFK CAM ( After 30 second )

    [EN] share my script, which allows you to remove the cinematic camera at the end of 30 second, perfect for watching films or RP scenes ... [FR] je partage mon script , qui permet de retirer la caméra cinématique au bous de 30 second , parfait pour reguarder des filme ou les scene RP ...