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  1. Script I Want to know the name of this Crafting Script

    If someone knows the name of the script it will be helpful, thanks in advance
  2. WaitForMe

    Script [QBcore] crafting system - keep-crafting

    a free crafting script made for qbcore. Features permanent items in crafting recipes players can see props on workbench if specified restrict workbenches & items by jobs/grades restrict items by crafting level support for different workbench props give crafting information to players by...
  3. Request myCrafting

    Hi, im looking for myCrafting script, has anyone seen it? cfx page
  4. sdsdfwegege

    Advertisement request delete

    request delete
  5. dilza_core

    Script [QBUS] Core Crafting v 1.1 redesign by Dilza Core

    core-crafting redesign by Dilza Core this scripts only works for qb-core preview: img: download free: click here
  6. Advertisement MelbRP | AUSSIE SERVER | FRESH SERVER NEEDING PLAYTESTERS | Serious RP | Police / EMS (HIRING) | Drugs & Gangs

    Discord: discord.melbrp.com Join Link: https://cfx.re/443e9o We are an Australian-based serious RP server based in Melbourne, Australia. We pride ourselves in our attention to small details and being all-inclusive, regardless of who you are, you are always welcome in MelbRP. Our Dev/Staff team...

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