1. ithorfsu

    PAID MILITARY HEIST - Brand New Custom Heist [ESX & QBCore]

    Asgard Presents: A brand new, fully custom heist for GTA 5 fivem servers. An intense story driven mission that will take the player deep into the military base to face off with an army of heavily equipped enemy personnel to gain the military intelligence documents that the mysterious agent is...
  2. Aidenpryor20

    Advertisement MadRP | NEW SERVER | Looking for Police and EMS | Multiple Updates coming soon!

    MADRP is a serious roleplay server that was recently launched and looking for all players to join our city! We have a realistic economy with many thing both legal, illegal, and whitelisted Jobs (POLICE, EMS, DOJ). Our server has active staff members who are dedicated to the community. Join our...
  3. viridcupid50

    Advertisement Experience RP [New City serious roleplay live now]

    Experience RP (fivem PC) is new and live!! we are a serious rp server that runs on the qb-core framework the city runs smooth and stable with a good economy system custom cars with almost realistic speeds you wont have cars going super speed around the city all the time. experience rp has a lot...
  4. Advertisement HeartBreak RP - New Server - Serious RP

    HeartBreak RP is a new server in the FiveM space, We have Hig hopes on this one guys. Serious RP, Cops, EMS, Criminals, Gangs, Custom cars, Businesses etc. Please if you are interested join our discord Join the Heart Break RP Discord Server! we look forward to Roleplaying with you lot! Enjoy.💜
  5. Advertisement MainFrame RP | MFRP

    **MainFrame RP | MFRP**, is the newest and greatest roleplay server to join FiveM! Our community is enriched with many activities for both civilians and criminals. We have active city-workers, such as the LSPD, DoJ, EMS, and more! We are all about roleplay and a progression system for our...
  6. EddTroopper

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