1. cylex

    PAID [PAID] [STANDALONE] Cylex ANIMATION MENU V2 +6000 EMOTE (Custom Emotes, Dances, ERP, Sync Emotes)

    Config (Open in new tab and zoom for detailed view) FEATURES +6000 animation with custom emote pack! You can use the script on any framework. Almost all animations have gifs. This way you can preview the animations without using them. Fully translatable anims and menu texts. Client & Server...
  2. 𝖇𝖚̈𝕾̧ 𝖒𝖔𝖉𝖘

    PAID Fivem Tiktok Dance Animation Menu ^ +1500 NEW CUSTOM ANİMATİON

    Hello. In this animation menu, we can find hip-hop dances, tiktok current dances and many gang hand movements. It also features excellent postures and hand gestures created for women. it is a regular dp emotes menu. Special animations are integrated into it. VİDEO NEW DİSCORD
  3. cfxregame

    PAID RicX Dances

    RicX Dances With this script, server owners can give an option to dance for their players. Players can dance any time and can change between dance types and styles. RDR2 RedM Scripts - RicX Dances 1. Features Easy to config Low CPU usage 2. How to Install Put ricx_dances into...