1. TheFunnyScottishGuy

    Advertisement KrakenUK | Active EMS 👩‍⚕️ | Active Police 👮‍♂️ | Active Server Mechanics 👨‍🔧 | Whitelisted Gangs 🥷

    It’s taken time but we’re finally ready to go! We are a new city looking to grow fast. We are a British inspired server with realistic economy and looking for EMS/Police amongst others! Join Our Discord Server: Join the KrakenUK Discord Server! What we have to offer: • Racing 🏎️ •...
  2. hasidu deshan

    Script [DEVCORE] - Realistic Smoking V2 [JOINT] [CIGAR] [CIGARETT] [VAPE] [BONG]

    Hi guys here you go DEVCORE - Realistic Smoking V2 Depedencies : ESX, mythic_notify FORUM POST : VIDEO :