1. dabgg

    Script 🔐🚪 DOOR LOCK BUILDER V2 🚪🔐

    Youtube Video : Download : Click on me
  2. Question Esx_doorlock instantly closes after locking gates

    Hey, IDK how but no searches were found on this topic, I need to instantly close gates after locking them. Hopefully, someone could help! Thanks
  3. z4ue

    Script [ESX] DoorLock

  4. Bersi

    Script AltV Doorlock Skript

    Hallo zusammen kennt einer für altv dein Doorlock skript ich finde leider keins. Hello everyone, does anyone know your doorlock script for altv, unfortunately I can't find one.
  5. manliikelzb


    HI Vag community, I'm looking for a way to add player-owned MLOs to my server. I'm looking for a door script for esx framework where I can add the players' steam identifiers to lock/unlock the door, but I can't find one. At the moment I'm using ox-doorlock Can anyone help at all?
  6. Script ESX Doorlock

    ESX Doorlock system --Config Change cordinates in config.lua
  7. dabgg

    Script Doors Builder (All doors) (in game not restart needed)

    Preview : Download : GitHub - EnosInWork/eDoorsBuilder
  8. Script [QBCore] NUI Doorlock - Improved (Supports Jobs, Gangs & Civilian ID)

    I'm releasing the converted version of esx_nuidoorlock to QBCore. You may have seen others release this however this once includes support for Gang's and Civilian ID's to allow you to give 1/1 houses to specific people. Github Link Features Easily add and configure new doors! Example...
  9. Ares

    Script Doorlock Script

    Hello VAG Members Today I Will Share With You A Script To Add Locks To Your Doors [/replyandthanks] [/replyandthanks] Virüs Total