1. Question Removing Encryption from Files

    I've gotten a server dump, from a server I'm very active on. The sole purpose of receiving the dumped files was to gain access to the specific rigging they do in the casino, as well as the odds for certain items from some other scripts. It seems as though they've got all of the ".js" files...
  2. Ricardo01829

    MLO/YMAP NXP Weazel PD locked

    Hey, I recently found the locked files of the NXP Weazel PD but they are locked, is there someone who can decrypt these? https://www.mediafire.com/file/98oxin59nvl43fa/nxp+weazel+pd.rar/file

    Zap-Hosting deletes QBCore files marked as "malicious"

    Hello, Recently I became a paying customer for a dedicated server by Zap-Hosting. (around the end of August) Upon rebooting my Zap-Hosting server (Sept 5th 2022 at 10pm CST) their system automatically deleted files I have been using for weeks on their system. (That they installed) When I...