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esx huds

  1. Raider

    Sales Eyes Radial Hud Fully Updated

    Features: » Open source hud » Game Clock » No unnecessary appearances, if you don’t have armor you won’t see the armor bar. » /hud - turn on/off hud » Status display » Standalone Notify (Fuel, Sealbelt) Preview: https://streamable.com/xqw714

    Hey do anyone know what hud this is or have it for ESX? Look at the picture.
  3. Samurai

    HUD FREE | ESX & QBCore | Roda Modern Hud [2022]

    I want to introduce you the Roda Modern Hud First of all i want to tell you a small history of this hud Famous Sentence "That HUD Is just a Copy and Paste Images" So, Enjoy to this hud!!!! Features Health Hud Armor Hud Hunger Hud Thirst Hud Stamina Hud Oxygen Hud Car Hud UID (Unique ID)...

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