esx scripts

  1. rex_1

    Script Envi-Receipts - A Realistic Receipt System

    [ESX] Envi-Receipts - A Realistic Receipt System Using Inventory Metadata, Custom UI DOWNLOAD : CLICK TO GET DOWNLOAD LINK JOIN OUR DISCORD FOR MORE FREE SCRIPTS : CLICK TO JOIN
  2. hexon0077

    PAID Custom Military Major Robbery

    Requirements ProgressBar Installation Drag & drop the folder into your resources server folder. Configure the config file to your liking. Add start hexon_military to your server config. preview Download here
  3. 7Leaks

    Script [ESX] [Free] WS Lifeinvader

    WS Lifeinvader
  4. Inventory Ox Inventory for ESX

    [Resource Name]: OX_Inventory Enhanced ESX Inventory [Resource Download]: GitHub - overextended/ox_inventory: Overextended Inventory for ESX Legacy [Resource Preview]:
  5. Respown

    Script Combined Engine Toggle & Leave Engine Running

    Combined Engine Toggle and Leave Engine Running resource for FiveM. Intro Hi, this is my first sort-of script, so if there’s any suggestions to optimize the code or any features you’d like added, please feel free to let me know! It’s meant for more serious RP servers. I wanted to find a...