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  1. marcinhu

    Sales [PAID] [QBCORE] - m-FarmingJob (Level System, Many Features, Full Customization)

    Video: Click Here Config: Click Here Buy: Click Here # About Farming script with many features! With the farm items you can make juices. 3 boxes available, small box, medium box and big box where you can store your items. # Level System There are 5 hoes available, from level 1 to level 5...
  2. ElFritto

    Question Inventory after 2 weight full per item in Shop farm etc

    Good day, I have the problem that my store, farm or similar where you get items, you can only pick up 2 items (1 item = 1 weight) of one kind. So for example in the store I can buy 2 phones and then when I want to buy another one is supposedly my inventory full, but I can buy the other stuff in...
  3. Script Apple Farming And Processing Job For FiveM [ESX]

    Apple Farming and processing FiveM script include the picking the apple from trees and Process into juice then sell it in market place, this script is essentialmode/es_extended based script that enable the Apple farming job on your server. Download Apple Farming Job

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