fivem animations

  1. SNR

    PAID 🥵 Animation Position Script [All Framework (Standalone)]

    A script where you can position the animations as you want! Features; Its working all frameworks (Standalone) You can make all the settings from Config! Distance limit and fully bug fix! When not in use 0.00 Resmon # Updated to version 1.1 - Infinity sync optimization has been performed...
  2. requestrip

    PAID [PAID] r_animations - Most complete and advanced animation menu.

    Docs Features Walk Styles and Face Expressions saving after relogging. Possibility to one time animation play or in loop mode. Favourite animations saving: List with favourite animations. Possibility to set 6 different sets of favorite animations (5 animations in each set), which can be...
  3. Editorjoshb

    PAID 10 Custom Gang Animations V3 - 5 With Props.

    Hello, I hope you all are having a great day. Discord : Join the Josh's ~ Works | 🌎 Discord Server! In Future We Will Make More Perfect Animations. Preview ;
  4. Editorjoshb

    PAID Fivem New Gang Animations - V1 And V2

    V2 PACK V1 PACK Some Pictures From the packages To buy, please login to discord and create a ticket. Join Discord Now! :
  5. Respown

    Script Map Animation in ESC Menu

    Optimized script, that plays a map animation, when entering the pause menu (ESC) to let other players see that you are currently busy Download : Github 223 Video: Preview 204
  6. Respown

    Script Custom fortnite animations 2022

    Free animations cause why not? Pack of 5 custom Fortnite animations Download (823.3 KB) Animation properties are given with the file.
  7. cfxregame

    Script [FREE] New Animations

    THERE ARE 10 ANIMATIONS INSIDE. *** Hidden text: You do not have sufficient rights to view the hidden text. Visit the forum thread! *** *** Hidden text: You do not have sufficient rights to view the hidden text. Visit the forum thread! *** Preview VT 1 VT 2 Loop etc to configure dpemotes or...
  8. cfxregame

    Script Anims | Simple Animations Panel

    anims A simple NUI emotes panel which supports shared and emote animations. LICENSE This project does not contain a license, therefore you are not allowed to add one and claim it as yours. You are not allowed to sell this nor re-distribute it, if an issue arises, we will proceed to file a...