fivem license system

  1. PAID Rawe License System V2 | FIVEM | Open Source

    Are you looking for a powerful licensing system to protect your scripts and provide a seamless user experience? Look no further! We are thrilled to present our state-of-the-art Advanced Licensing System, designed to meet the protection needs of for your scripts. Our Advanced Licensing System...
  2. Castillo

    Pinned Free license and encryption system is active!

    V-License (PRO) The license system has been activated. All new members will be given 10 encryption and 10 license rights. Your membership will be automatically confirmed. After using the system, you can write your feedback as a comment. ;)
  3. cfxregame

    Guide Fivem's new original license system

    Hello friends, my fivemin license site, which came yesterday, licenses all files not only for streams, but also lua etc. It is easily connected with tebex and licenses your files. o7 for supra-license and sh-license Topic link...