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fivem qb core

  1. aminul5147

    Script qb-hookers | Converted From ESX

    This script converted from ESX & now I decided to share this script. This Script converted by PSQ・PRiNCE Link: qb-hookers.zip - Share Files Online & Send Larges Files with TeraBox Download
  2. aminul5147

    Script QB-Cardealer(New)

    Cardealership script for qbus that requires managers to buy and hold stock to be able to sell vehicles. Comes with boss menu where you can hire unemployed players, promote, fire and demote employees. Installation requires creating a society (name + money) and cardealer_stock (stock + price +...
  3. Guide Fivem Loadscreen QB-ESX

    This is a basic load screen by Rohan Sharma Disocrd - Nilesh Kr mal#3880 Hope you like #Install Open config file then set your server name LIKE var title = "Your server name"; Dont do anything with var link _________________________ now open index html. by notepad++ or what you use then...
  4. cfxregame

    Script Qb - Core Decay

    QB-DECAY This is a proof-of-concept for a server-side, qb-core item reduction system that uses a cron program and runs with or without players. This can adjust the attributes of items in player inventories, warehouses, glove boxes, and chests. This POC is only to provide the corruption mechanism...

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