fivem qbcore scripts

  1. QBCoreFramework

    PAID New update coming

    New update coming
  2. Lauren

    Lauren Lucky Whell

    Greetings, Thanks to this script, you can give the prize you want with the rate you want and this script is very cheap. Features ; • You can add the extra prize slot from the config file. • There are 3 types of rewards. item, money, vehicle • It gives all the rewards automatically. • It has...
  3. Lauren

    PAID Lauren Vehicle Shop for QBCore & ESX

    Greetings, Here is the vehicle shop with its magnificent interface. Features; • It works fine in QBCore and ESX. • You can open the sale of all vehicles or only the vehicles you specify can be sold. • ESX pulls all tools from sql automatically. • QBCore pulls all sold tools from shared.lua. •...