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  1. QBCoreFramework

    PAID Official QBCore Store Since 2020 ( Custom QBCore Scripts, Readymade QBCore Servers, 24/7 Support )

    V9.1 released check YT Channel
  2. Lesimov

    30% discount Simon’s Tasks - Story Based Tasks - Unique Photos - Interact with NPCs - lesimov_simontask

    Details Many of things are configurable You can add infinite zone for NPC interactions, there is no limit Script including 6 task in it 4 of them are story based (Like side questions on games) 2 of them are default and grind tasks Script using your steam profile picture for dashboard 0.0 ms...
  3. Lauren

    🔥 Lauren Vehicle Extra Seat 🔥

    Greetings, You will now be able to get on vehicles with cases. Features; • You can easily apply it yourself to the tools you want. • You can get on and off the back with the /eseat command. Video : Coming Soon... Tebex Link PHOTOS
  4. Lauren

    70% discount Vehicle Carrier for QBCore and ESX🔥

    Greetings, You will be able to do ETS-style long-distance profession with your friends in a pleasant way. • Vehicles are spawned when you approach. • A total of 6 vehicles are collected. • It gives a random amount of money per vehicle. This amount range is set from the config file. • You can...
  5. cfxregame

    Script QBCore Housing Pack [K4MB1]

    Will only work for this latest update of QB-Core - How to - just replace the old files with these here - *** Hidden text: You do not have sufficient rights to view the hidden text. Visit the forum thread! *** (not all shells included) List of shells that are Warehouse Shells -...