fivem weazel news

  1. JordanPANDA

    PSD [FR] WEAZEL NEWS [NewsPaper]

    Hello everyone, i wanted to share with the the community an old creation i've made in 2014 and a bit updated (yeah i'm a GFX in my free time) (i'm sure most of you know how to find and search a fonts online, cuz i've lost some fonts with time sorry) Download: MEDIAFIRE Preview: Idk if...
  2. ARaros

    Script Advertising Script

    Hello everyone, VAG Users, If You Ask What This Script Is For, Let Me Explain It. You Can Add Ads Randomly Anywhere You Want, I'm Posting It, I've Advertised $150, I'll Advertise There for the Amount You Will Give, It's Completely Up to You. In every ad you place, it falls on Discord as in the...