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  1. almez

    Script almez-houses [ESX]

    Preview: Download: Doorlock: Click VirusTotal: Click Maps: Mega.NZ[379.5MB] I will publish MLO's in few hours.
  2. V

    MLO/YMAP Honeynutt Custom's Integrity Apartments Lobby

    Preview Virus Total Download enjoy :)
  3. Ares

    Script New Free Complete Hunting

    Hello Vag Forum Members, before I introduce the script, I wanted to say hello to you. I am here with a hunting script that I came across today and that will be useful to you. This script will allow you to go to the hunting areas on the map when you start hunting and then hunt the game animals...
  4. Gxi0001

    Script post below what SCRIPTS AND YMAPS you need

    saves me searching the forum. i will upload as many as i can All will be uploaded via anon with VT and previews... (unless larger files)
  5. Ares

    Script Renzu_customs 2021

    renzu_customs FIVEM - Advanced and Unique Mechanic Tuning is your server love custom cars? this free script is perfect for you. Customized any vehicle with complete upgrade,liveries, extras and more. Download GitHub - renzuzu/renzu_customs: Advanced FIVEM LSCUSTOMS and Mechanic Upgrades 576...
  6. E

    Advertisement MILE HIGH ROLEPLAY NEW SERVER | Active Admins | Gangs | Drugs | Serious RP |

    Come join a brand new server that has a lot of potential! Own businesses, lead a gang, become a cop, anything you want can be done here! Plenty of regular jobs to do if that is what you desire. There is plenty of illegal things to take part in as well. We are constantly adding new things for our...
  7. PandaMan2

    Advertisement New Community | Deja vu Roleplay | Cops | Fire | 200+ Civ Cars | Hiring Staff LEO and Fire |

    Deja vu Roleplay Community ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Est. 09/15/2021. Official Discord...
  8. Ares

    Script Discord Defined VIP Script

    Hello Vag Forum Users, today I wanted to share with you a system that I believe will be useful for you to see somewhere, this script is discord compatible vip shop script logic, the people you give vip can reach this shop, I hope you like it, good forums Download Virüs Total #Do Not...
  9. Ares

    Script Simple Status Hud 2021

    Hello Vag forum members, today I will share a hud that I like the design of, I hope you like it. Download Virüs Total
  10. Ares

    Script [FREE] Radio animation script

    Radio animation script A very simple resource that will make your ped do a radio animation. Client-side keybinds (using key mapping) Design to simulate real-life radio talking Default key is “Left ctrl” Downloads Github - NAT2K15 14 Preview Setup 1st Download the resource 2nd Put the...
  11. Ares

    Job House Building Script

    Hello Vag forum users, because I liked the house building script I just encountered, I am sharing it with you in the hope that you will like it, come on, you are good again. good forums Preview Download Virüs Total
  12. Ares

    Guide Preventing helmet wear

    hello vag forum users, I will tell you the solution to a problem I encountered today. The players on the server were giving the engine a separate helmet when they knew it, so I used a code block to prevent this and I wanted to share it with you, I hope it will be useful for you. #It will be...
  13. Ares

    Guide qb to esx give inventory

    Greetings to all Vag forum users, I saw that the "give items to qb to esx inventory" part has not been shared on the forum before. I found it from a different place and tried to fix it by making small additions and I wanted to share with you if there are error solutions you want to see in this...
  14. Editorjoshb

    Advertisement Horizon Dev/Hosting Fivem

    Hello, I would like to tell you a little about our server that we have created today. There will be many scripts we have made on our server, but we have just opened, we need you to join etc. Services we provide +Loading Screen, Cinematic trailer, +Coming Soon Logo-Banner-Gif, +Script licensing...
  15. Ares

    Phone Qbus new phone 2021 full

    Hello Vag members, I'm with you today with a phone script, I hope you like it, a script that I saw in a different place and wanted to share with you. #Note: The script does not belong to me, I do not provide support in any way Download Download Virüs Total Virüs Total
  16. Ares

    Fivem cfx.r announcement

    A small advance heads up for developers: the Node.js version in the platform server will be updated to Node.js 16 sometime within the next month to be ready for 16.x being LTS. We'll properly announce this as the release gets closer and we have validated the ecosystem impact.
  17. Ares

    Script OxMySQL - Lightweight MySQL wrapper

    Hello Vag forum members, I wanted to share a new system that I came across, I hope you like it. Introduction Lightweight database middleware for FXServer which utilises node-mysql2 36 to communicate with a database and respond with the query results. Motivation You may know that the existing...
  18. Ares

    Fivem announcement QBCore Framework

    At long last and many discussions later, we made it! It is with extreme pleasure and excitement to be able to share this work with you! The framework previously known as “qbus” has been revamped, updated and continuously maintained in the form of what is now known as “QBCore”! What does this...
  19. aaroe18

    Advertisement Fantasia-RP [German] Erster Testlauf ab 14.09.2021! Jetzt Joinen!

    AddOn Fahrzeuge🚗 | Ingame-Stimme🔊 | Keine Zulassungsliste✅ | Jobs 👨‍🌾👮‍👨‍⚕️| Legale✔/Illegale❌ Farmrouten🍃 | Für RP-Anfänger und Erfahrene | 💵500k Startgeld💵 Mit Server verbinden ohne Discord Fantasia-Rp ist ein deutscher Fivem-Rollenspielserver bei dem richtigen Rp eine große Rolle Spielt...
  20. Ares

    Script New Rcore_sumoderby

    Hello dear Users, I am sharing a script that I came across somewhere and I like, believing that it will be useful for you, I hope you like it, if you like it, if you like it and write your nice comments, I would be very happy and wish you a good forum. #Note: The script does not belong...