1. Jones9021

    Question QBCore and FivePD integration

    Does anyone know how to integrate QBCore and FivePD. I know that it can be done with ESX, and I have seen other QBCore servers running FivePD but Have not found a single resource that tells me how to do the integration.
  2. Script 👮FivePD 1.5.2 + 189 Callouts👮

    I do not take credit for this resource compilation of FivePD resources. I simply found it elsewhere and all credits go to the original poster on another website. READ UPDATED DISCLAIMER BELOW Latest version of FivePD 1.5.2 with 189 callouts, I personally use this in my own server and it works...
  3. Bobby_Brosmirty

    Looking For Staff FivePD server looking for staff!!!!

    Are you looking for fast a growing fivem community? Do you want a server just to have fun and relax on? Do you want to join a fast growing community? Look no futher because Golden Lake FivePD is looking for active staff members to join our team! Positions we are looking for: Moderators &...
  4. ledoze

    Advertisement Epic Gaming Roleplay - FivePD - EMS- FIRE - CIV

    We are a new server, looking for members. Epic Gaming Roleplay is based on FivePD, which allow the player to become a police officer in the LSPD or become a Civilian, Criminal or Honest. As we grow, we'll offer lot of opportunities to players. For now, we are looking for a Criminal biker club...
  5. GrapeElephant

    Advertisement TOP-GUN | FIVEPD | LSPD | LSSD | SAHP | EUP | VMENU | Any One Can Be A Cop |Active Staff| Realistic

    Top-Gun Roleplay Is A Small FivePD Server Looking for Members. We Don’t Have Head’s Of Any Departments, And We Wont Pick Them Until We See Who Is Active And Is A Good Fit For That specific Role. We Are Looking For Staff But We Will Only Be Accepting 4 Spots Until We Gain A Good Amount Of Players...
  6. beardedbullee

    Advertisement Affinity RP!!!! Now open looking for gangs and pd!!!!!

  7. Advertisement Breakthrough Roleplay | vMenu | FiveM Roleplay Server | Roleplay, Civilian, Cars, Jobs, Money, Property, Drifting

    Welcome to Breakthrough Roleplay! A well-rounded roleplay server established March 2021! What we offer, Here at BTRP, we bring civilian life to a whole new meaning. At BTRP, while we still have police, our main focus is for our civilians to be able to roleplay; work jobs, own a private...
  8. Charlieee 2.0

    Advertisement JWNGaming RP

    JWN Gaming is a newly Developed FiveM server Canadian based that is now open to the public. We offer 1,000 plus civilian vehicles. We have active staff all the time. We are hiring in all departments LSPD, LSSD, BCSO, SAP, and staff. We are a serious Role Play server. If you are interested in the...
  9. Advertisement Eagle Network | New York

    Eagle Network is a NYPD,FDNY,NYSP,NYSDOT and Civilian roleplay group on FiveM! We utilize FivePD for AI calls, use Sonoran CAD with in game integration for real time realistic dispatch, as well as Sonoran CMS for a time clock and patrol logs! We use discord Voice chat as our “radio” For every...