1. Script [STANDALONE] Mask Clipping Fix

    This script fixes all issues with player faces clipping through masks. No idea why no one has made something like this yet. Seems like an issue on all servers I’ve been on.
  2. Hybris

    Question qb-target error

    anyone can you help me ?
  3. fusi0nreflex

    Advertisement FD Development

    Welcome too FD Development! Are you looking for working resources for your FiveM server? Or perhaps, your looking for a pre-made plug and play server. Well, FD Development is your place, This server will contain working scripts/ resources and pre-made servers! We currently have our starter...
  4. pharadeon

    I will fix the bugs on your FiveM server and customise scripts for you

    Fast, reliable and safe with 100% satisfied customers on Fiverr. Looking for a developer to help with bugs, installations, migrations and other stuff? You found him! How it works: We'll get in touch and I'll take a quick look at your problem via Discord...
  5. kullmap95

    Script it's not deducted from my bank account can anyone help me fix it

    it's not deducted from my bank account can anyone help me fix it exports('removeBank', function(source, amount, cb) print(string.format('BANK REMOVED: %s from source: %s', amount, source)) if cb then cb() end end)
  6. Ares


    qb-inventory/server/main.lua Step 1: Scroll down to "RegisterServerEvent("inventory:server:SetInventoryData") trigger. Step 2: Search for Shared.SplitStr(fromInventory, "-")[1] == "stash" inside that event. Step 3: Follow the attached picture and paste the following line...
  7. byharst

    Guide //

  8. byharst

    Guide //

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    Guide //

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    Guide //

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    Guide //