1. Turbo37

    Question Handling Editör Script Help

    When I use my saved settings, the driving of the vehicle changes, but it is sketchy. When I choose my own settings on another server, it works perfectly. What is the problem? sorry for my bad english
  2. dekufpss

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  3. moroo


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    FreeroamR The Textchat Freeroam Server with many Vehicle Mods, Vehicle Sounds, Custom Emotes and other things. If u want to chill, enjoy some Vehicle mods or some maps, feel free to join. Our Features: -> Custom cars (1570+) -> Custom car sounds (160+) -> Anticheat -> Custom scripts -> vMenu...
  5. UncleTac

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    Hello, I am the current Civ Director of a server named Metro Valley Roleplay We started out on the 7th of April 2022 and have grown 10 Very active and realistic role players, we would love to have new players join the server. i feel like you guys would enjoy the server. We have a highly trained...
  6. WhiteSmoke

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    How to join the server Step 1: Download FiveM Client Here FiveM Step 2: Launch FiveM Step 3: Once you see the screen that shows the button "PLAY" Press F8 to open the console and type in this : connect Discord - Join the Smooth Brains [RP] Discord Server! Looking for...

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    FreeWorld RP We are a text based roleplay & freeroam server with custom cars, custom sounds, custom clothing and housing for all citizens. This is an 18+ server and we do have NSFW content on this server. Like most freeroam servers we have no progression system that keeps you locked to a...