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gta roleplay

  1. frontotv

    Advertisement [NA] ZigZagRP | Fresh Server | Active | Looking for Staff | 100K or Die | Custom Files

    ZigZagRP: https://discord.gg/zzrp We're a new server looking for new members as well as Staff/LSPD Our community is very active and constantly growing! - 100k or Die - Custom Cars - Active Staff - Weekly Giveaways - Custom Skins - Looking For More Staff - Free Discord Nitro! Join the...
  2. Advertisement [New] BloodLine RP | Serious RP | Whitelisted Jobs | Housing | 400+Custom Cars | PD/EMS Jobs | Custom Scripts | And More!

    ╭━─━━─━─≪≫─━─━─━╮ Bloodline RP ╰━─━━─━─≪≫─━─━─━╯ -We are...
  3. SICKO

    Advertisement Las Vegas Roleplay | Serious Roleplay | Many Jobs | Active Community | Hepful Staff | Join TODAY!

    The Official Discord Of Las Vegas Roleplay (LVRP)! LVRP is a public GTA 5 roleplay server. LVRP is an exponentially growing server with amazing Owners, Management, and Staff that are always happy to help, and are very active in the Discord and FiveM server! Our server is for those who wish to...
  4. Advertisement North Yankton RP

    Welcome to North Yankton Roleplay! Newest Update: - Alpha Bulit in Progress! We currently have Beta open - Our server runs on OneSync with 32-Players! - Join our Discord for special in-game perks! - Apply on our Discord with our Custom Discord bot. - Our community utilizes a...
  5. moefargo757

    Advertisement Gta Sims RP | Controller friendly | $60K Start up| E-girl Friendly | Real Clothes| Casino | Cayo Perico | New Active Community | Stashes| Housing | Ro

    Gta Sims RP | Controller friendly | $60K Start up| E-girl Friendly | Real Clothes| Casino | Cayo Perico | 64 Slots | Stashes| Live Anywhere | Robberies | Semi-Serious RP | Real Cars ⚡️Reliable and Stable Server Performance🌟 🎥 Streamer friendly community 🔇 👩🏽‍⚕️Male and female...
  6. Advertisement StoicRP upcoming ESX FiveM server! https://discord.gg/tXQXjA7e

    Are you looking for a New RP home? well look no further StoicRP is a brand new Upcoming ESX Five m Server were looking for Vet LEO's or brand new LEO's we are also looking for new members to add to our ORGS MC CLUB...Cartel....syndicate... an few more we offer whitelisted Jobs Like EMS judge...
  7. EliDrop

    Advertisement The Elite City | NoPixel Inspired | Serious RP | Playerbased | Allowlisted Jobs | Roleplay

    Welcome to the “Elite City Server” where anything is possible. We are currently in the beta process of our server but with your help you can join our community and give us feedback on it. We are looking for bright minded people who understand how to role-play and not be so serious about things...

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