hacking device

  1. 0xibra

    Script [FREE] Traffic hack device - QBCore

    Traffic bomb is a device that i coded as a fun pet project which hijacks all the vehicles within a defined radius and drives them at max speed to the exact point where the device was triggered. Consider leaving a star on GitHub if you like this script. Discord: Join the CyberRP Scripts Discord...
  2. Respown

    Script Fallout Hacking Minigame - 2022

    Fallout Hacking Standalone Minigame Resource 919 Fallout Hacking Here is a quick resource I made after finding a cool repository by bombcheck. (Download) Not: realizing this has been released before (with some notable differences), I quickly made this in about 10-15 minutes because I thought...
  3. Lunny

    NoPixel 3.0 Inspired Hacking Device Minigame

    + | Standalone + | Plug & Play! My contact details are in the description of the youtube video.