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hud pack

  1. Fivem Mother Hub

    HUD Codem-BLVCK Hud V1 bug Fixed version

    Fivem Codem- BLVCK Hud [ESX - QB] 15 € Script for free Futuristic UI Designs Adjustable on HTML/CSS Customization UI Supports SC,PMA,MBL Animated Bars Responsive Design Most Soft Speedometer Cinematic Mode Feauture Hide / Show Hud Feauture Compass On Mouse Move...
  2. Script Enhanced HUD Really nice design !!

    Features Full face customization (including mom & dad faces heritage, beard, freckle, eczema, eyebrows & more) Select over +1000 presets on character creator Carrying limit for inventories (player and vehicles) Slower movements if carrying limit is over 80% Drag-n-drop any objects. It works for...
  3. baasha

    Script How to change HUD in Fivem server

    *** Hidden text: You do not have sufficient rights to view the hidden text. Visit the forum thread! ***
  4. ARaros

    HUD renzu_hud - UI | Semi All in One

    Helo eveyone VAG Users, This is still a ongoing project, it has been tested for a month in my private server, and there are no major issue (atleast in my server). if you find any bugs or issue please do not hesistate to report it here or in github and do not hesistate to PR too. Disclaimer...

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