1. awesomeray

    Script jixel-cluckinbell

    Features: Support for ox_target and ox_inventory Cluckinbell Mystery Box prop Every single chair is usable in all 6 mlos (SO MANY FUCKING CHAIRS) All menus are built-in qb-menu Togglable Clockin System so that employees clock in / clock out when outside the zone Payment system built in via...
  2. awesomeray

    Script Jim-VanillaUnicorn 1.7.3 (NEWEST EDITION)

    Features: Full support for the GTA default interior Full support for Gabz Vanilla Unicorn Every single chair usable All menus are built in qb-menu 40 new items 18 New Alcoholic Drinks 1 Non-Alcoholic Drink 11 New Foods Payment system built in Payments go straight to Vanilla Unicorns society...