kd system for pvp servers

  1. viber

    PAID (FiveM) Thug Aimlab | Advanced Aimlab Script (4 Training Mods) [QB][ESX][PAID][OPEN SOURCE]

    Hello, today we have prepared an Advanced Aimlab script for you. We made this script for PVP and Zombie servers in general, but Gun RP servers may also prefer this script. There are 4 training modes in Aimlab and they are highly advanced modes. Even 1 hour of work on this Aimlab will improve...
  2. viber

    PAID PvP Server Base | Custom 100k or Die Server Pack | Deathmatch & Gungame Server Files

    Preview: My Discord: vibeR#3897 What's in the package: - Deathmatch game mode. - Gungame game mode. - M60 Mayhem game mode. - Only Pistol, Only Rifle, Only SMG, Only AP Pistol, Only Knife game modes. - Duel (1VS1) system. - Deathmatch car menu. - Special cars, peds for donators. - KD, PTS...