1. Stay Developments

    PAID [PAID] Lockpick Script | PAYDAY 3 INSPIRED

    sh-lockpick Payday 3 inspired lockpick minigame. With balanced difficulty and xp that increases as you lockpick, master lockpick as you go and pick locks with ease. Preview Config File Tebex Links Escrowed €7 https://stay.tebex.io/package/5895941 Source Code €14.90...
  2. Lucky~

    Script [QB-Core] Nopixel 3.0 Lockpick Minigame

    Hello Is Me again I edited the original qb-lock ui to the older version (no red line) https://github.com/YishengCheww/qb-lock Preview Inside The GIthub
  3. KappaAppak

    Script [esx_lockpick]