menu script

  1. mael28012

    Anticheat TigoAntiCheat

    TigoAntiCheat is a resource written in Lua for detecting cheaters. Because many different executors automatically stop anticheat resources, version 2.0 has changed dramatically. TigoAntiCheat is now only Server side and all client side files of TigoAntiCheat are built dynamically. This way the...
  2. Script 🔥🔥gfx-safezone🔥🔥

    *** Hidden text: You do not have sufficient rights to view the hidden text. Visit the forum thread! *** 🔥🔥
  3. elzainak

    Script [PAID] FX Pause menu

    FX Pause menu **PREWIEW VIDEO** * **Easy to use.** * **Fully optimized.** * **Responsive Design.** * **Works with QB and ESX** * **You can easily add on your server.** * **everything tested and approved** **You can join our discord: **Join the Fx Development Discord Server! ** **You...
  4. elzainak

    PAID Fx car script

    HERE THE NEW FX CAR MENU **Prewiew video** * Easy to use. * Fully optimized. * Responsive Design. * Works with qb. * There are 11 activations on menu * You can easily add on your server. * everything tested and approved. * And many features are available! **You can buy this script from...
  5. john_301

    Script Best Radial menu with Car Menu For QBCore

    Preview : Radial menu : Spike-radialmenu Car Menu : qb-carmenu For Others Free Scripts Visit Our server Discord Discord
  6. Ares

    Script SR Network Menu

    * Consists of a combination of scripts such as Script Radial-Menu. * resmon view like 0.3ms from command To prefer tyrant'blips on servers, you can use it as internal favorite, dresser, barber, bank etc. without completing the 'blip'. Don't forget to turn off the blips. friendship. *Script is...
  7. ARaros

    Script Lobby style menu framework

    Hello VAG World, Ever wanted to have a cool, clean lobby menu for your server? Yes? Well, you’re in luck, cuz this resource will do just that! Features: Menu buttons on the left side. Each button can be connected to an event with 1 custom param. (For now visual only) player list in the...