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  1. ithorfsu

    Script as_skillbar - A sleek and modern skillbar minigame. [ReM & FiveM] [All Frameworks]

    Asgard Presents: Simple skillbar rewrite and redeisgn for a sleek and modern look with no UI lag. A standalone skillbar with a simple export to trigger it and return a result. Easy to install and use, and incredibly easy to modify and redesign with your own fonts and colours. Features...
  2. PRIDev

    PAID New! Construction Helicopter Heist [Brand New Hack Minigame Included]

    New! Construction Helicopter Heist [Brand New Hack Minigame Included] Tebex Store Link This Construction Helicopter Heist is designed to give players a different roleplay experience rather than the traditional heist systems. It involves different heist situations including helicopter...
  3. PAID [STANDALONE] Truth Or Dare +500 Categorized Questions

    • Hello, I will introduce you to a fun game. • It is very simple to play, you choose the question category you want, the plugin automatically asks the question according to the answer you receive and all players in the region can see this question. In addition, you can see this in chat. • You...
  4. Advertisement GtaMM - Mini Missions | TDM | DM | Steal the car...

    FiveM Mini-Missions server Today I present to you the first Mini-Missions server built on FiveM. It is based on many different mini games such as Steal the Vehicle, Destroy the Checkpoints and Gun Game. In most of the missions there are different teams you can join and if your team wins you...
  5. Lunny

    Sales NoPixel 3.0 Inspired Hacking Device Minigame

    + | Standalone + | Plug & Play! My contact details are in the description of the youtube video.
  6. Lunny

    Sales NoPixel 3.0 Password Minigame

    + | Standalone + | Plug & Play! My contact details are in the description of the youtube video.
  7. Ares

    Script Voltlab Hacking Minigame | Cayo Perico Mission

    Been a while since my last public release huh. Well I didn’t want to release same random thing so it took a little bit of time. Voltlab hacking is one of the missions on the latest Cayo Perico DLC. Player has to match the randomly generated numbers on left with the icons on right to achieve the...
  8. Ares

    Script Nopixel 3.0 Heist Mini-Game

    #one Greetings to all friends of ForumFivem.net Today, I am sharing a script that came before me and that I have followed and liked before. A minigame that you can integrate into any script you want If you experience an error in this regard, you can contact us via the answers section and...

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