1. ithorfsu

    PAID MILITARY HEIST - Brand New Custom Heist [ESX & QBCore]

    Asgard Presents: A brand new, fully custom heist for GTA 5 fivem servers. An intense story driven mission that will take the player deep into the military base to face off with an army of heavily equipped enemy personnel to gain the military intelligence documents that the mysterious agent is...
  2. Professr

    Script [ESX] Mission

  3. C45PER

    Advertisement Voxility RP FiveM Server

    Join the Voxility RP Discord Server! Welcome to Voxility RP! This city has EVERYTHING! SERIOUS RP 30+ Jobs Mulitple Drug locations Missions with cutscenes Heists Rob locals Mining, Fishing, Hunting House Robberies Drones Ability for PD to put lights and sirens on personal vehicles...
  4. Ducray

    MODS GTA IV Exotic Exports (Side Missions)

    Requirements: -Build a Mission -Script Hook V -Script Hook V .NET -Native UI -Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6.2 Installation: First you need install Build a Mission mod. After installation extract the my files to Grand Theft Auto V/scripts/bam/missions folder..When you play the game press H ...