1. QuarkDev

    PAID [Quark Drainer] Seaport 1.5 | Blur&X2Y2 | Fix metamask | Permit 2 | Smart Contract

    QUARK DRAINER Get rid of "Lack of money headaches" PRICE: $5 000 CREDIT: $2 000 QUARK DRAINER - Without a doubt No1 drainer. I hope the functionality and materials all clear without unnecessary water. So here's a little bit about me, I've been coding for 6 years overall, 2 years...
  2. AneVirus

    Script [QBCore] EasyDrift - Drift Counter - Earn Money

    EN : I share with you the script EasyDrift-Drift Counter which is available on Github, it is free but I added a feature on it. When you drift and you're done, you're rewarded with a sum of money that matches one percent of the drift score. It works standalone but works with the QBCore framework...
  3. Scar05

    PAID [QBCore] Carrier Robbery (Fivem)

    The first aircraft carrier robbery script is here! Showcase Tebex: 15 GBP Discord Dependencies: QBCore Voltlab Minigame Features: Detailed and easy config. (Change required items, reward items, reward money, heist cooldown, heist start and finish coords etc.) Including police alert Custom...
  4. Off Topic Improve Your Odds of Winning the Lottery- Tips by Richard Lustig

    If you frequently monitor the news, you may have already heard the name Richard Lustig. He has appeared on CNN Money, ABC News, MS NBC, Fox, and TLC, among numerous other television networks. Even Ripley's Believe It Or Not has recognized him as the only seven-time lottery game Grand Prize...
  5. Nebula1

    PAID Selling Fivem Services Server Dumps, CHEAP

    Selling Fivem Services Server Dumps, Server Locations Etc CHEAP No refunds for bans or wipes What a dump gets you? All Client Side Server Files, Server Locations, Drugs, Blackmarket Etc, etc so you know the server inside and out Un Whitelist | Dump A Server Of Choice: | £ 5 Whitelist | Dump A...
  6. C45PER

    Advertisement Voxility RP FiveM Server

    Join the Voxility RP Discord Server! Welcome to Voxility RP! This city has EVERYTHING! SERIOUS RP 30+ Jobs Mulitple Drug locations Missions with cutscenes Heists Rob locals Mining, Fishing, Hunting House Robberies Drones Ability for PD to put lights and sirens on personal vehicles...
  7. Sahyatt

    Advertisement FreeNation Roleplay

    Looking for EMS/LSPD/FD here in FREENATION come join the server and check it out. We have lots to do and we are looking for people that want to RP. We have a great community starting but we are looking grow bigger and bigger everyday. New players will receive 40k starting money and another 50k...
  8. Onni Uh

    Request I got dumped CodeM CyberHud [ESX] . Can anyone make it proper working resource?

    i dumped codem cyberhud esx as u also know server sided files will be missing and maybe that file is escrow protected. can some please make it a proper working resource and decrypt it here is the resource CodeM-Cyberhud Cfx Link of hud Link
  9. Script Slots Machine

    Hey Guys, A working slots Machine ❤️