1. Yusuff

    PAID [PAID] [QBCore/ESX] Advanced Motel Script Features You can add as many motels and rooms as you want Changing the name of the motel and transferring it to someone else Hiring/firing, changing salaries and changing ranks Detailed customer panel (You can see everything...
  2. wutau179

    Request REQUEST Custom Motel System

    REQUEST Custom Motel System
  3. Advertisement Off The Rip Roleplay | New Server | Open for testing! | Serious RP Server | Economy-Based | Whitelisted 18+ | Hiring EMS/PD | CASINO

    About OTRRP OffTheRip Roleplay is now open for beta testing and we are accepting whitelisted apps! (Must be 18+ or older) OTRRP is a Serious RP server so yes it is whitelisted but all the applications as of now are free. Also, all whitelisted jobs are hiring as of right now. OTRRP welcomes...