1. teddybeast

    Script Request [QB] Nitrous & Purge
  2. artiom.r

    Question Does someone need help with a website ?

    Hi there! I am a web developer. I just joined this community, and I'm looking for people who need help. I know some of you might have problems with your websites / need an update / or plan to make one. I'm here to help you. Let me know if you need help or want some advice from a professional.
  3. Question JS + LUA help

    Hi guys, I need some help with JS and LUA.. I saw a video from YT how can i make a fivem mod from 0. I checked all of them but it doesn't is the code, anyone pls help? RegisterNetEvent('LS-Base:Char:setupCharacters') AddEventHandler('LS-Base:Char:setupCharacters', function()...
  4. Question Esx_doorlock instantly closes after locking gates

    Hey, IDK how but no searches were found on this topic, I need to instantly close gates after locking them. Hopefully, someone could help! Thanks
  5. Donrawlo


    I put a weedshop in and it f*** my inventory up pretty good anybody kno how to address this ??
  6. Script Eclipse cad

    hey , i found the eclipse cad (so cool and clean) but unfortunally it doesnt work. giving it a quick look at the script i think its missing some metadata file for esx_cad , the html works fine if someone is capable of fixing this small issue pls repost. Cad video: Cad download: 101.79 MB...
  7. fudgeman2

    Request qb-lock

    need help installing ive been trying to with no success, if you can help me out please hmu! :) The main issue i've been having is talking about a resource export not being found for circlelockpick or something like that