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new city

  1. Leoskinner

    Advertisement Hive Cord RP | SeriousRP | Active staff | Beta | Hiring PD, EMS, etc | Player-owned Businesses | 18+

    Hiring all positions! Law Enforcement, EMS, and Politicians wanted! Hive cord is the city you can really call home. Grow your drugs and sell them on the street, buy or rent houses for you or your gang, run your own business empire and become a top earner or uphold the law as a Police Officer...
  2. Advertisement Experience RP

    Experience RP is new and live!! We are a serious RP server that runs on the QB-core framework the city runs smooth and stable. Experience RP has a lot of activities for civilians and criminals to do there are loads of custom cars, businesses, houses, drug systems, car boosting, chop shops, drug...
  3. xTJLx

    Advertisement Phoenix City ||| Serious Roleplay | Custom Cars | Custom Jobs | Extended Gang Scripts |

    Stop server jumping and find your favourite place at Phoenix City! Phoenix City is a new serious roleplay server with many different scripts for every part of the city. As we are completly new, we'll give a special gift offer for the members who'll join us at our first month! You have the...
  4. Sahyatt

    Advertisement FreeNation Roleplay

    Looking for EMS/LSPD/FD here in FREENATION come join the server and check it out. We have lots to do and we are looking for people that want to RP. We have a great community starting but we are looking grow bigger and bigger everyday. New players will receive 40k starting money and another 50k...
  5. thevapinggamer

    Advertisement Journey RP| Public | Serious RP

    Are you tired of going on to the same old servers as other have. Journey RP is taking Roleplay to a whole new level. Guaranteed Here at Journey RP we are about the roleplayers old and new and streamers and We listen to our community. Our community consist of scripts designed for the Best...

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