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  1. Mr Zarev

    Script DopeNotify V2 (Fully working, QB/ESX/STANDALONE)

    Hello, guys. You can use this very unique and fantastic DopeNotify script which replaces your notifications for the server with very fabulous one. Download link: Virus Total: VirusTotal Preview: dopeNotify
  2. pxnter


  3. cozyx

    PAID xs_Notify - Futuristic & Modern Notification System (QBCore/ESX/Standalone)

    Documentation (GitBook) Purchase ($3.50) Discord (X Studios) Customize how long the notification will appear. Customize the colors/icons of the notifications. Change the title/text & tag of the notification. Change the position of the notification (Top, Bottom, Left, Right) We will be adding...
  4. NotYouBrother

    Script iNotification V3 | 20 Seconds Setup | Notification - AdvancedNotification - HelpNotification | Nui
  5. PAID ////////// deleted

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  6. 9AM Studios

    PAID [PAID] [STANDALONE] Modern Notify Script | sh-modernnotify

    Tebex @ Discord @
  7. 9AM Studios

    PAID sh-notify | Standalone | Modern Notification Script

    2.59€ Tebex @ Click!