1. Advertisement Looking for members that believe in strict RP for a NYC server

    **NOT OFFICIAL AD** Hi, I will try to make this as short as I can! I recently partnered with a good friend and decided to create a Vmenu-based RP fivem server, This is not just any RP server though. Up State Roleplay has a 100% unique map that has been extremely optimized. US:RP is based in...
  2. Chxrlotte.

    Request New York Police and Fire EUP

    Could someone post this, please? https://launcherleaks.com/store/product/19-new-york-police-and-fire-eup/
  3. ace223

    Stream NYSP, NYPD and FDNY

    LauncherLeaks deleted any New York Related Clothing Packs off of the website just because they want you to buy there $30 NYPD Clothing Pack. So I am reuploading this just for the sake of it If this is the wrong clothing pack, tell me and I will fix it...
  4. Advertisement Eagle Network | New York

    Eagle Network is a NYPD,FDNY,NYSP,NYSDOT and Civilian roleplay group on FiveM! We utilize FivePD for AI calls, use Sonoran CAD with in game integration for real time realistic dispatch, as well as Sonoran CMS for a time clock and patrol logs! We use discord Voice chat as our “radio” For every...