1. Quantum Quake


    # QQ-IDCARD V2 # QUANTUM QUAKE STUDIOS [PREVIEW] --SCRIPT DESCRIPTION-- When you arrive at the registeration office, you can create your identity card, update your information such as height and place of birth, update your identity photo with any photo url that you want for your identity...
  2. PAID [PAİD] QB/ESX/OX/STANDALONE (Open Source) Advanced Air Drop System

    Client side consumes 0.05 resmon while the drop is falling. After the drop falls to the ground, this value drops to 0.00, but when you approach it, it rises again to about 0.05. Server side is fixed to 0.0 When plane spawns you can see plane blip on map When the time or minute specified via...
  3. KaliScripts

    PAID Hot! [MLO] HALLOWEEN MAP 2022 - KaliScripts [Paid]

    This script have in default 3 animated case opening animation and have case opening system similar Counter Strike. You can create unlimited amount of containers! Rewards that can come out of the boxes; - Items - Coin - Cars, Boats, Helicopters There is a system of rarity of prizes. (common...