1. ruxo

    PAID Hexagon Pause Menu

    Elevate your game's user experience with our Hexagonal Pause Menu script, now available on Tebex. Designed to add a touch of sophistication and uniqueness to your game, this script offers a visually stunning pause menu with hexagonal-shaped buttons. Features: ESX Support QBCore Support Quick...
  2. GenScripts


    [ESX] [QB] / oxmysql, mysql-async, ghmattimysql Features [+] QB & ESX FRAMEWORK SUPPORTS [+] EN,DE,TR Language Supports [+] Character Informatıon [+] Online Player Count [+] Fully Responsize Design [+] Advanced UI Animation [+] Free Scripts :) [+] Discord Support and Customer Role from...
  3. Script 🔥🔥gfx-safezone🔥🔥

    *** Hidden text: You do not have sufficient rights to view the hidden text. Visit the forum thread! *** 🔥🔥
  4. PAID FiveM Pause Menu - fdsdev_pausemenu [ESX/QBCORE]

    FiveM Pause Menu - fdsdev_pausemenu [ESX/QBCORE] DISCORD : Unisciti al server di Discord FDS DEVELOPMENT - FiveM Resources! Preview: FiveM Pause Menu - fdsdev_pausemenu FDS Developments introduces you to the most advanced FiveM Pause Menu. This resource was designed entirely from scratch by...
  5. Muzan

    Script AK4Y Menu Pause RARE SCRIPT leak

    This script has not been leaked anywhere else, it is a rare script and I am proud to share it with you today on PREVIEW :
  6. PAID PX - Pausemenu

    Hello! Im releasing my pausemenu script for QB. You can check the preview ( I can’t record and edit videos… sorry for that) If there is anything that needs improvement, please let me know! PX - Pausemenu [DESC] A modern Pausemenu with some Features included [FEATURES] [+] Simple & Modern [+]...
  7. PAID P-pausemenu | Advanced Pause Menu

    Preview Features Fully optimized Highly configurable Unique design Access to map, settings and exit Player Data Market and Prices
  8. ledunn

    PAID [PAID][QB-CORE] Igniter Pause Menu - Clean UI Design

    Hello everyone, we are a team that develops products for players on FiveM & RedM, please don't forget to follow us and get detailed information! IGNITER PAUSE MENU CFX LİNK Tailwind CSS UI Check Server Status & Health From API Open (Phone, Inventory, Map, Settings, Animation Menu...