VİDEO : Watch PURCHASE : Click COMMUNİCATİON : Sametk UPDATE: > Added new grip animation. > You can no longer run while holding the shield. > You will instantly see the health status of the shield.
  2. cpljack5915

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    Welcome to Exo Roleplay, the ultimate destination for immersive roleplaying on FiveM’s custom framework! At Exo Roleplay , we pride ourselves on delivering a unique and unparalleled roleplaying experience tailored to the desires of our community. Our dedicated team of developers and...
  3. HilarioX

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    ZeroSum Roleplay is a Serious Roleplay Server that was launched in April 2021. We’re always looking forward to seeing the new faces in the server and for people to enjoy it! We are also a new community looking to grow and get the population higher! What you can expect from ZeroSum ZeroSum is...